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Welcome to AnyIdiotCanRun!! My name is Chris. I am a runner, and this page is all about me. My aim with this website is to tell you what I am up to, share my running journey, and show you that if this idiot can put one foot in front of the other – then you can too.

It took me a long time to call myself a runner. I owned trainers, and indeed in 2011 I trained for and completed the Virgin London Marathon; the journey to the start was fraught with difficulties and issues both mentally and physically, and I guess the race itself kind of summed it all up in the end as I failed miserably. I won’t bore you with the details now, but should you wish to read about the day, you can do here.  Even then, I am would not have referred to myself as a “runner” and I resisted (some pretty significant) urges to throw all my trainers away, and since that God-awful day, despite some hiccups, my running has gone from strength to strength. In 2012 I completed the inaugural Milton Keynes Marathon. I didn’t have as good a day as I might have hoped, but I did knock 1 hour 20 minutes off of my PB time set in London.

At about this time I came to realise that I appeared to enjoy what I was doing, and I began the process of collecting rather than binning, running trainers.

I enjoy all kinds of races, from the flat road marathon of Milton Keynes, to the (self-proclaimed) longest obstacle race in the world at the Nuerburgring, via the hills-of-hell and bog-of-doom in the Delamere Forest Hellrunner. I became a certified ultra-runner when I ran 50 miles along the North Downs way in May 2013. This particular race took place despite having a torn meniscus in my knee which went undiagnosed for an extremely long time. Long story short, I only had surgery on my knee in September 2014 and 2015 proved to be my come-back year.

I regularly attend parkrun (I am lucky to live a mile away from my local one) and my PB has finally ducked below 20 minutes. I have also taken three minutes off my 10km PB, reset my half marathon PB twice, and took another 55 minutes off my best marathon time as I traveled to Frankfurt in October and completed the course in 3:30:26, before redeeming myself on the streets of London the following April and finishing in 3:25.  I try to keep a full list of my Events on the blog, but you can also check the links to my power of 10 profile from the menu above.

I hope you enjoy my running blog where I discuss the vagaries of running and racing. I also like to throw in the odd running shoe review or tell you about the running books I am reading! Have an explore of my blog, and if you like what you see, please drop me a comment. Any questions, or if you just fancy a chat, then please send me a message, find me on twitter, or even better; subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Speak to you soon,