1. Mel C

    That just brought (another) tear to my eye. It was a tough but amazing day. Great to meet you and your mum, helped calm the nerves at the start. Bring on the next one! X

    • It’s mad isn’t it? What an emotional couple of days where even the smallest thing might set you off again! 🙂

      It was really nice to meet you, and although whatever I was saying may have seemed like garbled noise, it was good to chat with a fellow newbie!

      Good luck with a second one – I am researching Amsterdam one at the mo! Only 59Euros!

  2. Hi Chris,
    just read with interest your blog about the big day and wanted to congratulate you on completing the course in the face of some pretty tough mental battles from the sound of things! It strikes me from reading your post just how lonely the whole thing is bar the support from the crowd, an incredible personal achievement though so seriously well done!!

    I look forward to reading the follow ups!!!



  3. Absolutely well done! I wish I’d taken more in on the day and took time to look around more. I feel like the whole day went past in a blur so it’s good to read this and help bring it all back.

    Well done to you and your mum, both did fantastic!

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